Liza Horan is a consultant helping individuals and organisations achieve their business goals through strategic communications and digital strategy. She developed a four-step process to teach professionals how to convey their unique propositions with authenticity.

Know yourself.
Know your audience.
Come from a place of service.

Yep, it’s that simple!*

*Clarity courtesy of an award-winning 30-year career
in media with blue-chip employers and clients,
plus a master’s degree in strategic communications

It’s the secret behind all my work.

Demonstrating credibility and integrity to earn trust has never been more important — or challenging — than it is today, when we live and work in an online-first global community. That’s why it is essential to represent yourself in an authentic way.

And when you are working toward a goal, it’s vital to convey your vision, mission, values, and offerings in a way that compels your target audience to engage with you. Whether you wish to position yourself as an expert, raise your visibility, launch a new product, expand your services to a new customer base, switch careers or jobs, or create a culture of innovation and growth — you’ve got to be able to message meaningfully for those you wish to engage and serve.

How? The magic comes in bridging their needs and preferences with your business objectives.

My four-step process

Technology has allowed everyone to become a publisher and broadcaster, so rising above the noise can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be: Learn my four-step process to craft a strategy that gets results for you — and your audience.

My 30+ years of professional experience building audiences through content to achieve business goals has led to the development of my four-step process. It’s built on the essential foundations of business strategy, competitive analysis, branding, content, and marketing and sales tactics (like social media and public relations). However, it starts with your vision, mission, values, and aspirations. Most people and organisations are too busy to ask the question and reflect on it, then shape it based on the context of the market and audience needs. All of that feeds your content pillars, which underlie your messaging. The final step is reviewing and choosing the right tactics to engage with your target audience meaningfully. This process is a paradigm for managing your career or your organisation. It is designed to be revisited and repeated as necessary so you stay true to yourself and relevant to your audience.

My workshops, course and consulting projects are scalable to your time, energy and budget. You might like to book a free consultation so I can learn your goals and provide my best advice on how to get from here to there.

Programmes targeted to you

Define your proposition and create an evidence-based strategy for raise visibility and engage your audience for measurable results.


for individuals on a professional quest

You don’t have to sell your soul to sell yourself. Learn my tried-and-true four-step process to amplify your message with authenticity for greater impact. Whether you’re a C-level leader looking to position your business or yourself for opportunities, a professional in the midst of a career transition or an entrepreneur building a venture, you need to convey your value and values. Business is about people and how you represent your expertise and capabilities through interactions — online and offline — is paramount to earning credibility and trust.



for organisations on a mission

Be the solution your audience seeks and they’ll return the favour by showing you how to innovate for sustainable growth. Understanding your audience and how to flex to their changing needs will help you sculpt a unique proposition that sets you apart from the competition. My four-step process to engaging your audience — present and future customers, colleagues and partners, media, and industry stakeholders — will boost your visibility, reputation and position in the market. It’s all about crafting a communications strategy to achieve your business objectives.


How I got here…


I’m grounded in editorial writing, reporting, and editing, and always have been active in journalist associations, fighting for the rights of journalists and upholding standards. My work includes reporting on child mortality, interviewing Bill Clinton during his first Presidential campaign, and covering talks by the Dalai Lama and Imelda Marcos for Reuters; covering sport science, the “mental game,” disordered eating, burnout, and The Female Athlete Triad for a magazine covering recreational and professional sport; and much more.


I’ve always been entrepreneurial-spirited and an early-adopter of tech. As Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper, I transitioned production from paper mechanicals to desktop publishing. In 1995 I took Tennis Magazine online for The New York Times Co. My projects include launching Tennis Magazine on the Microsoft Network in 1995, negotiating purchase of the “” domain, and leading to the No. 1 site in the sport.

BUSINESS STRATEGY thrust me beyond editorial into the business side. The invaluable experience led me to successfully launch and lead new ventures and help clients get results. My clients include American Express, ClubMed, and Lincoln for online advertorial products; B2B media players Informa, Incisive Media, and NewsQuest Specialist Media for audience research and digital product strategy; and C-level executives for thought leadership.

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Anissa Buckley, health entrepreneur
Anissa Buckley
health entrepreneur

“Liza starts with vision and strategy and drives it down through a very thought-provoking, yet structured program that resulted in a tactical plan for digital execution. Liza asked the hard questions, then helped move the responses into a viable plan. I cannot say enough positive words about Liza as a coach, mentor, and overall expert in business. She is genius at seeing the direction of a business and then helping the founder step through the options and decisions needed to take it forward.” ~Anissa Buckley, Founder of  B.Untethered, in Austin, Texas