Know yourself.
Know your audience.
Come from a place of service.

Yep, it’s that simple*.

Clarity courtesy of an award-winning 30-year career in media with blue-chip employers and clients, plus a master’s degree in strategic communications.

It’s the secret behind all my work, from editorial writing and digital product development to coaching business leaders and consulting for companies of all sizes on how to grow their audiences to achieve measurable results.

How I got here


I’m grounded in editorial writing, reporting, and editing, and always have been active in journalist associations, fighting for the rights of journalists and upholding standards.

My work includes…

Reporting on child mortality, interviewing Bill Clinton during his first Presidential campaign, and covering talks by the Dalai Lama and Imelda Marcos as the New Haven, Connecticut, stringer for Reuters.


I’ve always been entrepreneurial-spirited and an early adopter. As Editor-in-Chief, I transitioned my college newspaper to desktop publishing. In 1995 I took Tennis Magazine online.

My projects include…

Launching Tennis Magazine on the Microsoft Network in 1995, negotiating purchase of the “” domain, and leading to the No. 1 site in the sport.

BUSINESS STRATEGY thrust me beyond editorial into the business side. The invaluable experience led me to successfully launch and lead new ventures and help clients get results.

My clients include…

American Express, ClubMed, and Lincoln for online advertorial products; B2B media players Informa, Incisive Media, and NewsQuest for audience research and product strategy; and C-level executives for thought leadership.

More detail in my Bio

“Your shyness won’t help those who are seeking your wisdom, products and services. You can be authentic in whatever your mission if you learn how to articulate your values and your value. I can help.”

Liza Horan

How I help

No matter the form of value you deliver — a service or product, online or offline, from hard goods and digital experiences to therapy and thought leadership — being successful requires meaningfully engaging with those you wish to serve. The No. 1 referral method for business across every industry is word-of-mouth. While a customer’s recommendation to a friend is a strong influencer, relying heavily on word-of-mouth referrals limits your growth.

Whether you are a C-level executive, a self-employed professional or a career-transitioner, I can help you communicate authentically to raise your visibility to engage your audience (yes, it’s bigger than just your targets!) so you feel energized and confident that you are working in alignment and fulfilling your mission.

More detail in How I Help

Clients say

“Liza, thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, and insights in a simple and focused way. Your exercises and tips helped me expand my knowledge and get serious about specifics so I could move forward my business. Your person-, values- & heart-centric approach really resonated with me, and I really appreciated your evidence-based, no-nonsense style.”

Katie Adams, wellbeing life coach at Katie Adams Coaching in Edinburgh, Scotland

“Liza is a breath of fresh air! Through her journalistic background, she’s a quick study on lots of relevant content possibilities. Through her technology understanding, she knows the limits and the limit-less options for engaging and distributing content. And through her strategy work, she can clearly set goals and guide plans. As you work with Liza, she makes it feel like play…exploration, discovery, implementation…continuously in a virtuous, wondrous cycle of growth! Great fun and great results.”

Barbara Cooperman, Chief Marketing Officer and board member in New York City

“Liza starts with vision and strategy and drives it down through a very thought-provoking, yet structured program that resulted in a tactical plan for digital execution. Liza asked the hard questions, then helped move the responses into a viable plan. I cannot say enough positive words about Liza as a coach, mentor, and overall expert in business. She is genius at seeing the direction of a business and then helping the founder step through the options and decisions needed to take it forward.”

Anissa Buckley, Founder of B.Untethered, in Austin, Texas