My mission is to make it easy for you to discover and express your unique proposition to the world,
personally and professionally.

Know yourself. Know your audience. Come from a place of service.

This is my personal philosophy and my approach to business strategy.

On a personal level, it’s about living from truth with empathy and compassion. On a professional level, it’s about serving the needs of your audience. In both cases, it’s about connecting within to discover one’s values, then aligning beliefs and behaviors, expressing that with authenticity, and engaging with the world for the highest good.

My intention for all my work is to make that process easy for others ~ personally and professionally, individually and organizationally. I do this via storytelling, news and commentary through my creative writing and editorial work, and I guide clients to do this within their professional endeavors via coaching-style advisory services.

Magic happens when values are actioned with value for others. After all, we’re in this together. And strategy is key: Even the best steak restaurant will go bust in a village of vegans.


I wear many hats

Liza Horan writer

I’m pursuing the truth of the human experience to inspire a shift in beliefs and behaviors.
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Liza Horan journalist

I’m getting to the heart of a story by investigating the facts, setting context, and delivering meaningful information.
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I guide individuals and organizations to achieve measurable business goals through strategic communications.
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Liza Horan entrepreneur

I’m building platforms to help people connect within and with each other for authentic enlightening experiences.
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Favorite topics

A lifelong endeavor to understand beliefs, behaviors, and the meaning and purpose of life has demonstrated to me that the “supernatural” is natural; everything is energy; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience in this life; we are wholly connected with all living things; and we don’t quite realize how powerful we are for good. Learn more

Science is catching up to what our ancestors knew: We are more than skin, bones and brain. We are relearning that we are holistic beings, and we’re getting reacquainted with the natural ways to support our quality of life. Connecting mind, body and spirit helps us feel more connected within and with others, which has immense power for individuals, communities, society at large, and the planet. Learn more

The days of one-way communication died when the Internet became mainstream. It’s no longer enough to broadcast your message to the world and hope it resonates. Today we have wonderful methods to actively cultivate awareness, interest and relationships with those we aim to serve. It’s about participating in the conversation to achieve their goals and yours. Learn more

Silos are out, interconnection is in. Every project I’ve worked on has demanded the universal need for collaboration among people and among systems. It might be sharing insights through regular conversation, data analysis through online tools or establishing new ways of working. And this is as much about culture as it is tech. Learn more

Liza Horan SMILE

“I aim to inspire those who aspire with a way to navigate forward with authenticity, whether that’s making the most of a moment, a vocation, a business or a life.”

~ Liza Horan