CONSULTANT guiding individuals and organizations to achieve business goals through strategic communications.

Description of what I overall do.
Coaching & Consulting can take many forms, from a private one-on-one series of sessions to a group course or workshops.

I offer workshop-style courses, consulting and advisory services. This work is about crafting a communications strategy to engage audiences to achieve business goals. And it works for both individuals and organisations. Whether it’s increasing your visibility, positioning yourself as an authority, attracting new opportunities or boosting your revenue, my mission is to help you achieve yours through an evidence-based business strategy delivered through strategic communications. I’ve developed a four-step approach (see below) that is packaged in two programmes:

  • SHINE YOUR LIGHT is for individuals on a professional quest.
  • BECOME THE BEACON is for organisations on a mission.

Both courses have a ‘special edition’ for those in the mind-body-spirit sector.

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It’s about defining your proposition, understanding your audience and the market landscape, crafting content strategy, and executing winning tactics. This approach applies to all my projects, like the holistic healer who wanted to amplify her business to a global audience (she did!); the Chief Marketing Officer of a publicly-listed company who wanted to position herself for opportunities and land Board of Director roles (she did!); the environmental law firm partner who wanted to engage in the international conversation and cultivate the next generation of lawyers (he is!); the cyber risk management leader who wanted to exponentially grow his network to land advisory gigs (he did!); and the therapist who wanted to refresh her brand and grow her practice (she is!). Other projects include creating a revenue-driving content strategy for a public institution, doing audience research to inform new product development for a business-to-business publisher, and producing a research-based brief for a new positioning within the industry for two trade retail groups that were merging.

How I do it.
4 steps?

Ways of working together

These come around occasionally. Or you can hire me to do one for your group or company or organization.


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You don’t have to sell your soul to sell yourself. Learn my tried-and-true four-step process to amplify your message with authenticity for greater impact. Whether you’re a C-level leader looking to position your business or yourself for opportunities, a professional in the midst of a career transition or an entrepreneur building a venture, you need to convey your value and values. Business is about people and how you represent your expertise and capabilities through interactions — online and offline — is paramount to earning credibility and trust.

Learn more about SHINE YOUR LIGHT

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Be the solution your audience seeks and they’ll return the favor by showing you how to innovate for sustainable growth. Understanding your audience and how to flex to their changing needs will help you sculpt a unique proposition that sets you apart from the competition. My four-step process to engaging your audience — present and future customers, colleagues and partners, media, and industry stakeholders — will boost your visibility, reputation and position in the market. It’s all about crafting a communications strategy to achieve your business objectives.


Single Session: link to power hour

Session Packs: explain weekly sessions where I guide you to do the work. Pay by session packs or by retainer.


For affordable and quick actionable advice

Want to make sure you’re on the right track without an on-going commitment of time and money?
We’ll deep-dive into your business mission and objectives to assess where you are and how to get where you’d like to be. This consultation is a three-part process to give you the information, perspective and roadmap to focus your efforts to advance your business.

Feel your business needs a strategy check but not ready to make a large time or money commitment?
Want to focus your efforts to get results for your business, but not sure how to “adjust the sails”?

Need to understand how to stand out from others doing similar work?

In one hour, we’ll deep-dive into your business mission and objectives to assess where you are and how to get where you’d like to be. This consultation is a three-part process to give you the information, perspective and roadmap to prioritise your efforts to advance your business. It is based on the same approach as our Business Strategy Course, devised from 30 years of Liza Horan’s career in strategic communications and digital strategy leadership — just packaged in a time-efficient affordable package to get you going in the right direction. You will emerge empowered about how to be found and discovered online, how position yourself authentically within the market, and how to cultivate opportunities. Every session is different because it is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Purchasing the session kick-starts this process:

  1. You’ll get an email with links to choose the date of our Zoom session and to complete an online questionnaire on your business priorities and questions. We’ll use this information to prepare for our Zoom session.
  2. Our Zoom session will be recorded and privately posted on YouTube for replay.
  3. Liza Horan will send you follow-up notes based on the consultation so you have a strategy roadmap and action steps to take forward.

One hour £250
Two hours £450, used within a three-month period
Series of three hours £650, used within a six-month period

fixed scope and timeline, totally tailored to your needs with specific deliverables.

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