CONSULTANT guiding individuals and organizations to achieve business goals through strategic communications.

Whether you wish to increase your visibility, position yourself as an authority, expand your audience, attract new opportunities, launch a new product or service, or boost your revenue, my mission is to help you achieve yours through an evidence-based business strategy delivered through strategic communications. Digital strategy and product development is a specialty of mine.

Please take a look below to learn more. Feel free to book a call to explore how I can support your efforts. (No pressure ~ that’s not my style!)

My approach

I’ve developed a four-step process that’s efficient, low-risk and high-impact. It’s highly actionable from the start so you can quickly begin implementing positive shifts across your brand messaging, proposition and audience engagement for measurable results. This applies to individuals and organizations.

Whether you are an individual or an organization (company, charity, etc.), the process begins with exploring, understanding, articulating and defining the who, what, why, and how of your proposition. Many clients, even C-level leaders, tell me they have never had the opportunity to truly consider such purpose-oriented aspects.

This step is really about heart and soul, more than an intellectual approach to answering questions. And what the exercises and discussion yield are inspiring and practical.

Your audience is more than customers or clients. It’s the entire sphere of those having a conversation about your topics of expertise. They are all influencers to helping cultivate awareness for the topic and for your offerings. Most importantly, though, this step is about really comprehending where the audience is at so you can appeal to them on their terms.

This step involves researching the who and how of your landscape to gain actionable insights.

This step is all about content. What are your talking points and how do they connect the audience to your proposition?

Answering this question is both an inductive and deductive process. You’ll bridge where the audience is to where you are, and lead them along the engagement pathway.

The final step actions all the previous work. This is where you apply all the learnings about the audience to deliver your content in a meaningful way both online and offline. Measuring your performance will ensure that you can adapt to market shifts to yield the best results.

Ways of working together

I offer flexible working arrangements, from private and group sessions, workshops and courses, to consulting projects and retainer-based advisory services. My courses apply to any sector, any career level and any type of organization; and I can adapt them for specific niches, as I’ve done since 2012 for job-seekers, book authors, scientists and academics, and those health and wellbeing professionals.

When you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and deep-dive on a specific topic for speedy implementation, book a workshop. I run at least one workshop per quarter on a topic that’s relevant to all, and I’m happy to create a tailored one for a special group. For example, in February 2023, I led a brand messaging workshop for a not-for-profit organization.


SHINE YOUR LIGHT is a course that guides professionals to craft a tailored strategy to accomplish their business objectives. It’s based on my tried-and-true framework of four steps: Know yourself, understand your audience, define your message, and engage for results.

The private one-on-one course is fully personalized to you, while semi-private and group courses offer a high degree of tailoring plus valuable discussion and learning from other participants.

Since 2012, participants in the course have raved about how it helped them turn their vision, mission and values into an actionable plan based on their precious resources of time, money and energy. How? By strengthening the foundation of your business strategy and learning how to communicate for meaningful engagement online and offline ~ with authenticity.

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Be the solution your audience seeks and they’ll return the favor by showing you how to innovate for sustainable growth. Understanding your audience and how to flex to their changing needs will help you sculpt a unique proposition that sets you apart from “the competition.”

This eight-session, live online video course follows my four-step process to engage your audience to achieve business objectives. You’ll gain a strategy to attract and strengthen relationships with your present and future customers, colleagues and partners, media, and industry stakeholders, and boost your visibility, reputation and position in the market.

This course can be delivered privately to one organization with multiple team members, or as a group course with multiple organizations participating. In 2023, I’ve delivered a private BECOME THE BEACON course for a team of nine individuals at a not-for-profit organization; while they are working on behalf of the organization, the theory, exercises and advice applies to them as individuals, as well, so it’s a value-packed experience.

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Want to make sure you’re on the right track without an on-going commitment of time and money?

Private coached sessions are deep-dives tailored to your needs and resources. Whether you choose a single session or a series, we’ll focus on your objectives and how to achieve them through strategic communications and digital strategy. These are fundamental to success: Business requires involvement by people, and that requires clear, meaningful and actionable messaging by you. We’ll consider where you are now and how to get where you’d like to be.

Whether you book a single session or multiple sessions, preparation begins with a questionnaire where you share business priorities, questions and concerns, so I can personalize the session. After the session(s), I will provide written guidance for you to take things forward.

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Custom consulting projects are strategic endeavors where I am tasked with performing work with specific deliverables. They have a fixed scope and timeline, and are completely tailored to your needs, resources and goals.

These projects generally follow my four-step approach, though they may emphasize one more than others, depending on your priorities. While the bulk of work is carried out by me, they engagement often includes tasks and workshops that require your involvement. The more a client is engaged, the greater the long-term outcomes. The final deliverable is a document and presentation of the strategic recommendation to achieve your goals.

Please see CASE STUDIES below and read what Clients say… to learn about custom consulting projects I have delivered.

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Case studies

Opportunities: I’ve worked with dozens of professionals ~ from job-seekers and career-switchers to entrepreneurs, presidents and CEOs ~ who are ready to attract new opportunities. These can range from getting a promotion or a new job at an employer; transitioning from employment to freelancing; representing one’s start-up for investment; and landing advisory roles, such as getting appointed to a paid director role on a corporate board.

Process: These wonderful clients have taken part in my SHINE YOUR LIGHT course or hired me for a series of coaching sessions. In all cases, it begins with naming the goal you wish to achieve. Then it’s about defining your proposition to the world, and really understanding your audience. Then we devise key talking points that will tie the audience’s needs to your solution. The last step is about how to action your tailored strategy.: Learning how to engage your targets in a meaningful way to achieve their goals and yours.

Outcomes: My clients tell me they immensely enjoy the process, and learn a great deal about themselves, their business/industry and their audience. They also overcome any resistance to interacting online and offline, and learn that it is truly about unlocking your gifts of service to those who desire them. After working with me and implementing their own strategies, my clients have gone onto to land major roles at corporations, write books, get interviewed by media, and secure paid positions on boards, among other objectives.

Challenge: The experienced Licensed Professional Counselor wanted to reduce her one-on-one private sessions for thought-leadership pursuits, such as conducting original research, forging alliances with organizations, producing media, and speaking at conferences. However, this transition would have to maintain (and ideally increased) her revenue.

Coaching: The client participated in my SHINE YOUR LIGHT course to create a tailored strategy on how to achieve this transition. She delved into the process of defining her Vision, Mission, Values and brand, and redefined her business proposition. She identified and learned about how to engage with her audience for the specific opportunities she sought.

Outcome: With her strategy and new branding in hand, the client committed to redesigning her website, reducing her case load and developed new programs and alliances (which have been embraced). She also booked a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with me to discuss particular proposals, brand assets, content, and website development.

Challenge: With a new leader in place, an established mind-body-spirit center was ready to shift its programming and identity into a higher gear. While they were committed as ever to the local community, they want to raise their visibility as a significant player on the world stage for particular content. But how could they go about elevating this invigorated persona without alienating their core local audience, and get the word out to a new non-local audience?

Project: The manager participated in my SHINE YOUR LIGHT course on behalf of the center to clarify the branding, the proposition and gain a clear strategy on how to appeal to both target audiences. After the course, the center hired me for a short-term consulting project comprised on three parts: Mentor the marketing manager; talk strategy with the team; and provide recommendations based on an analysis of their digital footprint (website, social media, email).

Outcome: The marketing manager gained confidence about objectives and how to achieve them; the digital platforms were updated to align with the new positioning; and the center has successfully positioned itself meaningfully to local and international audiences, which are growing.

Challenge: The client is a 50-year-old educational charity focusing on raising visibility for scientific research on consciousness and spirituality. During lockdown, they expanded their online programming to great success, but they reached the limit of organic growth with their specialized niche audience. They felt stuck about how to increase their audience and get traction with the media.

Project: I produced a communications strategy with detailed recommendations for them to implement. The components of crafting this strategy were Research (internal research, competitive analysis, and audience research). I conducted meetings, workshops, an online survey and one-on-one interviews to collect inputs, then analyzed the qualitative and quantitative data for actionable insights. The 45-page report serves as an evidence-based roadmap to guide the organization’s leadership.

Outcome: The client enjoyed the process and said they were thrilled with the final presentation and report. They have taken steps to implement the plan. The client also hired me to deliver a brand messaging workshop to revisit how they were positioning themselves for the next 50 years.

Challenge: This leading international business-to-business publisher, which operates across several major sectors, were losing revenue due to outdated websites that were breaking. Patching up problems was no longer enough, so they committed to a full program of revisiting audience needs and internal capabilities to produce the best user experience.

Project: This large-scale projects had three phases:
1. Research to understand the business goals and internal capabilities; competitive analysis to understand positioning within the market and potential gaps the company could fill; and gaining insights through online audience behavior, staff input and one-on-one interviews with past, present and potential customers.
2. Digital specifications for online products based on the research.
3. Internal alignment of teams for information sharing.

Outcome: I realized quickly that the staff was very in tune with their audience, which is outstanding, but the challenges were failing technology and internal silos. I delivered new processes for internal collaboration and information-sharing to streamline operations (no silos!), and product development roadmaps to boost digital engagement and revenue. The company immediately began implementation, and I represented the product team for the development agency they hired.

My approach to coaching and consulting combines learning the theory and applying it for measurable results.
Interactive workshops are a valuable part of my process for teams to discuss and learn “what is” and “what could be.”
I’ve spoken on digital strategy, engaging audiences, and creating a culture of innovation at conferences.

Clients say…

I’m happy to have worked with amazing, smart, motivated clients across all sectors. Here’s what some of them have to say about the work achieved through my WORKSHOPS, COURSES, STRATEGY COACHING and CONSULTING PROJECTS. 

“My approach brings you on a learning path so you can gain skills and know-how that will serve you beyond our particular engagement. You’ll get roots and wings!”

~ Liza Horan