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Liza Horan writer

I’m pursuing the truth of the human experience to inspire a shift in beliefs and behaviors. Writing is my most natural form of expression. I participate in a monthly writing group I assembled in March 2022, and I’m a member of the Hay House Authorpreneur program.

I write freelance articles for other publications, as well as essays for my own platforms. In 2021, I took a leap and started writing fiction, which I thought was way out of my bounds. I’m enjoying it!

Sampling of essays published on Mindstream.world

Happy to write for your publication. Please contact me.

I’m currently writing a spiritual memoir and two business books. The first book to be released is based on my SHINE YOUR LIGHT course (see below) for individuals, and the second will be based on my BECOME THE BEACON course for organizations.

Coming soon
“Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul” is based on my course, SHINE YOUR LIGHT. It guides professionals on a quest through concepts and exercises to craft their own unique strategy to achieve objectives. Learn more and sign up to preview the content.

In addition to writing these books, I’ve also provided editing, strategic content guidance and public relations for books by Kelly Gunterman, Marcia Frost and David X. Martin;  and coached authors in the Hay House Publishing writers’ program on how to build and engage an audience before and after a book launch.

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It contains more than 200 articles dating from 2004. (I started publishing online in 1995, but those stories are no longer accessible.)
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