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Liza Horan writer

I’m pursuing the truth of the human experience to inspire a shift in beliefs and behaviors. Sometimes it’s writing for myself, as it’s my most natural expression, other times it’s writing for others. I’m currently participating in two monthly writing groups I assembled, and I’m a member of the Hay House Authorpreneur program to support writing two business communications books inspired by my courses, SHINE YOUR LIGHT and BECOME THE BEACON.

I write freelance articles for other publications, as well as essays for my own platforms. In 2021, I took a leap and started writing fiction, which I thought was way out of my bounds. I’m enjoying it!

Sampling of essays published on MindstreamConnect.com

“Shine Your Light” is my course for individuals on a professional quest. And I’m writing the book that deep-dives into the topic with exercises that help you learn how to craft a strategy to achieve your goals with greater impact. It follows my four-step approach, honed over my 30-year career in media and communications, to raise your visibility and engage your audience with authenticity.

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“Become the Beacon” is my strategy course for organizations on a mission. And soon it will be a book! Throughout my career in digital strategy, product development, media, communications, and business, I’ve learned how to help organizations define and deliver their unique propositions to the market to achieve business goals. Now I’m putting that process of four steps into a book so leaders and teams can align their resources (time, money, energy).

It’s called “Become the Beacon” because I’ve found ~ through many audience research projects ~ that the people working in a particular sector are looking for some party to lead the conversation and innovation. Why shouldn’t that be your company?

When a company is crystal-clear on the value they can offer to their audience and do the work to understand how to build relationships with clients, those clients will respond with loyalty and light the path to innovation.

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