I’m happy to have worked with amazing, smart, motivated clients across all sectors. Here’s what some of them have to say about the work achieved through my WORKSHOPS, COURSES, STRATEGY COACHING and CONSULTING PROJECTS. See more on my LinkedIn profile.

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Susi Jones
coach & healer

“Wow! This workshop provided me with a quick checklist to build a [digital] platform that was easy to digest and translate into my individual work. Liza has the experience to answer questions however random you they might be. Highly recommended.” ~ Susi Jones, personal development coach, intuitive healer and author in England

“An excellent, informative and really helpful input which is delivered professionally but with infectious passion that gives you confidence that your work/message is important and needed. I thought my message would be difficult to get out there, given the complex topic, however Liza showed me otherwise. Highly recommend Liza to take you through the essentials of sharing your message with those who need to hear it — after she helps you identify your target audience.” ~ Pavon James, police officer and author in Scotland

Pavon James

Kirsty Galloway
mindfulness practitioner

“Liza’s knowledge and passion about building a [digital] platform was evident from the start of the session. The information was presented in an engaging and professional way which was easy to understand and gave me lots of food for thought. I attended the workshop as I wasn’t sure where to start in building my platform and now I have some concrete steps to take to start me on my journey. I loved the way that Liza had taken the time to compile all of our experiences and expertise [in discussion]; really inspiring and confidence-boosting. A great session. Thank you! ~ Kirsty Galloway, mindfulness practitioner and writer in England

“This workshop is invaluable in providing a thorough understanding of social platforms.” ~ Teresa Palmer, holistic cardiology Nurse Practitioner and author in Alabama

Teresa Palmer
holistic cardiac nurse

“What I liked most was that you opened my eyes to possibility ~ you expanded what building a [digital] platform is far beyond the free and paid training I have received [from others].”

“I really like the practical exercises as they’re the type of questions you don’t really see or give that much thought to — until someone tasks you to do it there and then.”

“It was excellent and really helpful. Thank you.”


Joan Frew
medium & mentor

“It really brings to the forefront the gaps in your marketing and business strategy — without making you feel as if you have failed — and allows you to clarify where you want to be.”
Joan Frew, spiritual medium, mentor and healer in Scotland

Doyle Centre
spiritual center

“I have learned a foundation for finding my lane, getting in my lane, and helping others find my lane.”
~ Staff member, The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland

Phyllis Fortunato

“FULL of highly-valuable information, especially for using social media in a highly productive way. It will change the way you think about how powerful social media can be when used properly.”
~Phyllis Fortunato, Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia

Peter Granger, Heartbond Ltd.

“It was a great course and has set me on the road to becoming more proficient with social media ~ something I have resisted over the years!”
~ Peter Granger, Independent Scientific Researcher in England

Strategy Coaching

Anissa Buckley, health entrepreneur
Anissa Buckley
health entrepreneur

“Liza starts with vision and strategy and drives it down through a very thought-provoking yet structured program that results in a tactical plan for digital execution. Liza asked the hard questions, then helped move the responses into a viable plan. I cannot say enough positive words about Liza as a coach, mentor, and overall expert in business. She is genius at seeing the direction of a business and then helping the founder step through the options and decisions needed to take it forward.”
~Anissa Buckley, founder of  B.Untethered, in Texas

“What a transformation — from being hidden to joining the ‘social media party.’ Liza keeps pushing me with excellent ideas. She is terrific! Truly gifted and a great guide.”
~ David X. Martin, cyber risk management advisor, expert witness & author in New York City

david x martin cyber risk management advisor
David X. Martin
cyber risk advisor

Barbara J. Cooperman
corporate leader

“Liza is a breath of fresh air! Through her journalistic background, she’s a quick study on lots of relevant content possibilities. Through her technology understanding, she knows the limits and the limit-less options for engaging and distributing content. And through her strategy work, she can clearly set goals and guide plans. As you work with Liza, she makes it feel like play — exploration, discovery, implementation — continuously in a virtuous, wondrous cycle of growth! Great fun and great results.”
~Barbara J. Coopermanchief marketing officer & corporate board member in New York City

Consulting Projects

“I commissioned Liza to deliver a project outlining the role of content in an B2B information business. In 12 weeks Liza got up-to-speed with our complex industry — without any prior experience — held interviews and ran cross-discipline workshops that were inclusive of [team] roles and seniority, and provided recommendations that the Executive and employees could get behind. The project has allowed us to connect up a number of valuable but disparate initiatives to create a stronger strategy moving forward. Liza is personable, smart and intuitive and I hope the opportunity comes up again for us to work together.”
~Julie Gordon, Director of Content Solutions at British Standards Institution in London

Julie Gordon
content director

David Lorimer
post-materialist thinker

“Liza’s work is characterized by a high degree of professional competence, thoroughness and expertise. She is engaging to work with and I highly recommend her services.”
~David Lorimer, program director of Scientific & Medical Network and chair of The Galileo Commission in London

“If you’re looking for a great strategic thinker who gets digital, gets content and knows the ins-and-outs of editorial organizations then Liza is it. I threw her in at the deep end to lead an extremely complicated project with a multinational client, dealing with multiple brands, stakeholders in different parts of the world, and aggressive timelines and she did a stellar job. The project was hugely successful due to her efforts. She is a safe pair of hands. Liza’s skill is extracting key strategic insights from different information sources and formulating those into a set of recommendations regarding the direction a business needs to take to be successful digitally. She has a talent for playing those insights back to a board-level audience in a way that is compelling, informed and meaningful. She gets on well with everyone and everyone who works with her has a positive experience.”
~ Vaughan Evans, senior digital product management at Informa in London

Vaughan Evans
digital agency founder

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“It’s important to me that people feel fully engaged in the process of working together. I like to meet individuals and teams where they are, learn about where they wish to go, and then guide them on their path — fully equipped with the know-how so they can carry our work forward on their own.”

~Liza Horan