Strategy Consulting

Media Moxie LLC ( was founded in 2000 for my consulting work. After 20 years, I’ve consolidated all my work under my own name.

Business relies on people making informed decisions. Today it’s vital that your expertise is discoverable, findable, understandable, and actionable by potential customers and partners. It’s all about messaging — online and offline — for interactive engagement. It must be clear, concise, consistent, authentic, and meaningful for people to ‘get’ what you’re all about and develop trust. Your message starts with the words and imagery inspired by your vision, values and mission, and translates into the experience of the products and services you offer.

About Digital Strategy

I help individuals and companies figure out how what they should be doing online and how. This ranges from audience research and competitive analysis to mapping their digital footprint across websites, products, social media, and email to achieve business objectives, and also developing digital products and services. My experience crafting digital strategy and developing digital products started in 1995 while working for The New York Times Company.

About Strategic Communications

I help clarify what you need to convey to whom to inspire them to take the actions that meet your business objectives. This work focuses both on big-picture concepts and practical tasks to engaging your key parties (past, present and future clients; collaborators; and influencers, such as professional organisations and media). The “strategic” in “strategic communications” means it is laser-focused on accomplishing your business goal. My editorial work (since 1990 as a journalist, editor and publishing director) laid the best foundation for this because it is laser-focused on delivering value for the audience; the reader or viewer is the boss, just as the customer is the boss in business. Connecting meaningfully with your audience is the basis of all marketing, public relations and sales, and I strengthened my work experience in all of these by earning a master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University in 2010.

There are three methods of working together, and I’m happy to scale to whatever budget you have. It’s a great idea to first book a free 15-minute consultation to learn more.

For affordable and quick actionable advice

Want to make sure you’re on the right track without an on-going commitment of time and money?
We’ll deep-dive into your business mission and objectives to assess where you are and how to get where you’d like to be. This consultation is a three-part process to give you the information, perspective and roadmap to focus your efforts to advance your business.

Details & Pricing for STRATEGY POWER HOUR

Feel your business needs a strategy check but not ready to make a large time or money commitment?
Want to focus your efforts to get results for your business, but not sure how to “adjust the sails”?

Need to understand how to stand out from others doing similar work?

In one hour, we’ll deep-dive into your business mission and objectives to assess where you are and how to get where you’d like to be. This consultation is a three-part process to give you the information, perspective and roadmap to prioritise your efforts to advance your business. It is based on the same approach as our Business Strategy Course, devised from 30 years of Liza Horan’s career in strategic communications and digital strategy leadership — just packaged in a time-efficient affordable package to get you going in the right direction. You will emerge empowered about how to be found and discovered online, how position yourself authentically within the market, and how to cultivate opportunities. Every session is different because it is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Purchasing the session kick-starts this process:

  1. You’ll get an email with links to choose the date of our Zoom session and to complete an online questionnaire on your business priorities and questions. We’ll use this information to prepare for our Zoom session.
  2. Our Zoom session will be recorded and privately posted on YouTube for replay.
  3. Liza Horan will send you follow-up notes based on the consultation so you have a strategy roadmap and action steps to take forward.

One hour £250
Two hours £450, used within a three-month period
Series of three hours £650, used within a six-month period


Want to gain the knowledge for self-sufficiency?

Ready to lift your game by putting theory into immediate action for results?
This is a dynamic coaching style that’s equal parts instruction and consulting, so you can turn sophisticated yet simple concepts into immediate action. Coaching is ideal for the business leader or self-employed professional who sets vision and executes the road map, either directly or leading others.

Details & Pricing for COACHING

Flexible formats include private one-on-one sessions, small group sessions, and half- and full-day interactive workshops for large groups. Past projects include:
– a three-month coaching plan of weekly meetings to help an established industry professional solidify branding, service offering and launch strategy for her start-up wellness company.
– twice monthly sessions for the high-profile president of a public company who was stepping down from her role to pursue new opportunities. These sessions were added on after she completed my Social Media Boot Camp (now called the Business Strategy Course).
Business Strategy Course: This is a coaching-style experience over seven weeks that can happen in a group setting or individually. Details & Pricing here.

Pricing: Rate per session begins at £200 with a minimum of four sessions; for fewer than four sessions, book the Strategy Power Hour (above). Session pricing differs for public corporations, self-employed professionals and charities. Please book a free 15-minute consultation to learn more.

Want to hand off the project to an expert?

Looking for a strategic deep-dive with an actionable roadmap?
This is a project-based approach where I collaborate with stakeholders to form a plan and then work independently to produce the result. Most often this is a project with a specific output, such as testing a new product proposition, developing a website, developing a content or social media strategy, or creating a product innovation culture. Aspects of such projects often include audience research, interactive workshops, and a strategic recommendation. A “road map” or step-by-step strategic plan is often delivered at project end so the client can carry it out with confidence.

Would you like to chat to explore how I can help you?
Contact me to set up a time to chat.

Clients and employers include

ESPN is the world’s No. 1 sports media company. As digital strategy director for ESPNHS, I aggregated the largest audience of fans of high school sports. is the No. 1 global tennis website, which I founded and ran for 11 years.

British Standards Institution is the UK standards body, setting quality marks and certifications across all industries. I provided product and content strategy consulting projects for them.

Informa is the No. 1 global events company and a top business intelligence publisher across many sectors. I provided digital product consulting projects for them.

An individual client of mine served as a groundbreaking C-level leader at this financial institution, and many others, for many years.

I crafted advertorial campaigns for American Express, a major longtime sponsor within the sport of tennis.

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