For professionals on a quest

You don’t have to sell your soul to sell yourself.

You’re on a mission, but it’s tough to distinguish yourself in this always-on world of shortening attention spans and sensory overload, right? Trying to shout above the noise can be confusing and leave you exhausted.

There’s a better way: You can be your authentic self and achieve your professional goals.

Secret: You just need a strategy to discover and articulate your unique proposition in a meaningful, actionable way. The SHINE YOUR LIGHT Process guides you through a tried-and-true process to do exactly that.

You have a unique set of talents, skills, experiences, and capabilities that have led you to this moment. It’s time to dismiss imposter syndrome, bust the myth of competition, and step fully into your mission.

Whether you’re a new graduate looking for a job, a self-employed professional growing your business or a CEO seeking opportunities, Liza Horan’s four-step SHINE YOUR LIGHT Process will help you mine your gems and polish them so you can shine your light to your audience’s delight and your own success.

The SHINE YOUR LIGHT Process is a method to achieve one’s professional mission by crafting and implementing an evidence-based strategy. It involves defining your unique proposition and objectives, understanding the audience, setting key messages, and engaging your audiences for great impact. I developed this process based on my experience of working 30+ years across in journalism, digital media strategy, business operations, and consulting; plus earning a master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University in New York City. In 2012 I started using this approach to help my clients position themselves for business opportunities. The process is a framework to achieve professional goals in a way that is evidence-based, low risk and true to you.

How would you like to get started?

WORKSHOPS: I want to focus on a specific aspect of strategy.

Catalyze your know-how on a particular part of the process to boost your visibility, position yourself as an expert, refresh your business strategy, and attract opportunities. SHINE YOUR LIGHT Workshops are just the place to do that.
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STRATEGY POWER HOUR: I need tailored strategic advice — quick!

Short on time and long on desire? The Strategy Power Hour gets you an analysis of your digital footprint, branding and position with actionable strategy advice. This is a value-packed shortcut to recalibrate your compass so you can take essential steps toward positioning yourself to achieve your goals.
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COURSE: I’m ready to deep-dive for immediate progress!

The SHINE YOUR LIGHT Group Course is an eight-session live course, delivered over weekly video calls and assignments, that immerses you in the four-step process. You’ll craft and execute your strategy to enjoy more visibility and opportunities for business growth.
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CALL: I need help deciding. Can we talk?

Definitely! I’d love to hear what your top concerns and interests, whether that is getting clarity on your unique proposition, how to streamline your online and offline efforts, how to communicate with authenticity, or anything else that has to do with you getting your very important message out in the world.
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