My new podcast, complemented by YouTube videos and social media, presents a holistic approach to discover your genuine self and navigate your personal and professional endeavors in alignment with that for greater positive impact to yourself, others and the world.

Express Yourself with #Authenticity

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Episode 1 will be released in Spring 2024. Get a head start now by following the show:

We’ve never had the freedom and means to express ourselves as we do today — but it comes at a price. In this always-on, fast-paced world of winnowing attention spans, remote lifestyles and high demands, it’s tough enough to keep up — let alone show up.

Despite all our touch points, are we losing the human touch?
Are emotions being overrun by emojis?
Are algorithms hijacking our agency?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, disconnected and discontented in this increasingly polarizing world, but there is a way forward: The key is understanding what’s true for you and honoring that with every word you say, gesture you make and action you take online and offline, personally and professionally.

Join me for real-life stories, hard-won perspective, and practical strategies for a grounded-yet-inspired approach to “Express Yourself with Authenticity.” I’m bringing my holistic self and the experience of a 33-year career in media and strategic communications, and a lifelong spiritual quest.

Whether you desire more personal or professional fulfillment, this show offers actionable inspiration for real results.

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