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You’re on a mission, but it’s tough to distinguish yourself in this always-on world of shortening attention spans and sensory overload, right? Trying to shout above the noise can be confusing and leave you exhausted.

There’s a better way: You just need a strategy to discover and articulate your unique proposition in a meaningful, actionable way. SHINE YOUR LIGHT guides you through a tried-and-true process to do exactly that.

Whether you’re a new graduate looking for a job, a self-employed professional growing your business or a CEO seeking opportunities, SHINE YOUR LIGHT will help you mine your gems and polish them so you can shine your light to your audience’s delight and your own success.

This eight-session online course ~ delivered live on Zoom ~ features my four-step method to achieve one’s professional mission by crafting and implementing a strategy that’s evidence-based, low-risk and true to you. It involves defining your unique proposition and objectives, understanding the audience, setting key messages, and engaging your audiences for great impact.

You will gain the theory, know-how and confidence to position yourself with authenticity to achieve your professional goals.

You have a unique set of talents, skills, experiences, and capabilities that have led you to this moment. Unleash them to the audience who is waiting for your services. It’s time to dismiss imposter syndrome, bust the myth of competition, and step fully into your mission.

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Whatever your professional goal, SHINE YOUR LIGHT helps you create your own strategy to position yourself for achieving it.
You’ll learn to “join the conversation,” compose meaningful talking points, and connect with the media.

Ambitious professionals who want to learn how to raise their visibility to achieve business objectives — and do the work. Today every individual needs to be discoverable and findable on the Internet because a Google search is the gateway to verification and credibility.

Business is about people, and outsourcing your identity, promotion and relationship-building to someone else can compromise the sense of authenticity surrounding your image online, and possibly damage your integrity. Worse ~ if you're not online, you're not in the game.

Creatives (authors, filmmakers, artists, etc.), self-employed professionals, job seekers, social activists, team managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders and board advisors can better understand the essential foundations for communication — online and offline — through this course and gain the know-how to execute it.

This course is right for you if you:

  • Love what you do and want to have greater positive impact
  • Strive to distinguish your brand from competitors by positioning yourself uniquely
  • Wish to connect with your ideal clients who may not know about you yet
  • Need a clear strategy that makes the most of your resources (time, money, energy)
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level by actively participating in this course

You may have experienced:

  • overwhelm with all the potential directions your business could take, wondering which is the right option at what point
  • confusion with all the marketing hype being promoted with webinars and how-to articles
  • frustration that the time you spend on social media and other promotions aren’t getting results

This course gives you the theory, practice, skills, know-how, and confidence to convey and convince others of the value you offer as a professional.

By the end of the course, you will have gained clarity on the running of your business, elevated your own confidence, and taken your business to the next level with:

  • a strategy for achieving your business objectives
  • a definitive brand identity and story
  • the know-how to position yourself as a thought leader
  • a variety of engagement techniques to attract your target audiences and new opportunities
  • a method to make social media work for you

This eight-session course provides you with the know-how and tools to set your results-oriented business strategy in motion. Each session features a learning component with theory and best practices, exercises to accomplish key steps in crafting strategy and executing tactics, and discussion of your situation. Assignments between sessions enable you to get real work done to establish your business identity, digital footprint, audience outreach, and engagement.

By the end of the course, you will have gained clarity on the running of your business, elevated your own confidence, and taken your business to the next level through:

  • a solid research-backed plan to grow your business
  • a clear definitive brand identity and story
  • a discipline to track your progress
  • a foundation to position yourself as a thought leader
  • a social media strategy

Format: Eight weekly live video conference calls (60 to 90 minutes), plus homework assignments that may range in time from 15 minutes to one hour. You can choose Private (one-on-one), Semi-Private (two participants) or Group format (4-12 participants). In all cases, content and guidance are tailored to the participant(s). There are advantages to all formats: Fewer participants means more personalization, and more participants mean richer discussion.

One-on-one consultation: For Private and Semi-Private formats, the eighth session is one hour of dedicated time with the instructor up to one month after the course ends; that hour may be divided into two 30-minute conversations.

Equipment: Participants must have a laptop or desktop computer to use during the class; a phone or tablet does not offer the same functionality or viewing experience.

Readiness: Participants must already be established as professionals (earning money for their products and/or services) and have a website and/or social media profile(s). Today’s mass medium is the Internet, and Google is the gatekeeper. This course is not right for someone who is not using digital means to connect with their target audience. This course teaches a holistic approach of online and offline methods.

Timing: The next group course begins in September 2023. Exact timing of the weekly sessions will be determined by consensus of participants. Indicate your interest now.

Investment: Depends on the number of participants.
Private: £3,900 / $5,000
Semi-Private (2 people): £1,850 / $2,400
Group (3-12 people): £999 / $1,300 per person.

Which best describes your interest?

participants rated course

“I found the course FULL of highly-valuable information – especially when it comes to tips and tricks for using social media in a highly productive way. It will change the way you think about how powerful social media can be when used properly.” -Phyllis Fortunato, Licensed Professional Counselor

“It really brings to the forefront the gaps in your marketing and business strategy, without making you feel as if you have failed and allows you to clarify where you want to be.” -Joan Frew, Spiritual Medium & Mentor

“I have learned a foundation for finding my lane, getting in my lane, and helping others find my lane.” -Manager of mind-body-spirit centre, The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

"What a transformation -- from being hidden to joining the social media party. Liza keeps pushing me with excellent ideas. She is terrific! Truly gifted and a great guide." -David X. Martin, Cyber Risk Management Advisor, Expert Witness & Author

“Liza is a breath of fresh air! Through her journalistic background, she’s a quick study on lots of relevant content possibilities. Through her technology understanding, she knows the limits and the limitless options for engaging and distributing content. And through her strategy work, she can clearly set goals and guide plans. As you work with Liza, she makes it feel like play…exploration, discovery, implementation…continuously in a virtuous, wondrous cycle of growth! Great fun and great results.” -Barbara J. Cooperman, CMO & Board Member

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SHINE YOUR LIGHT brings together the best of my experience across 30+ years working in media, content, digital strategy, branding, communications, marketing, research, audience development, and business operations…in one neat package.

My four-step approach taps your head, heart and soul for creative big-thinking, deep-dives, and follow-through. The session exercises and the weekly assignments ensure that you make real progress.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT turns your vision, mission and values into an actionable plan based on your precious resources of time, money and energy. Join me in September for the next course!

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You don’t have to sell your soul to sell yourself.
Imagine how great it will feel to really discern your brand and know how to engage your audience to achieve their goals ~ and yours!

~ Liza Horan