My mission is to help individuals SHINE YOUR LIGHT and organisations to BECOME THE BEACON.

I help individuals and organisations achieve their business goals through strategic communications and digital strategy. It’s all about discovering and being true your unique proposition for the world so you can engage with authenticity.

This is true for individuals on a professional quest and organisations on a mission. Whether it’s increasing your visibility, positioning yourself as an authority, attracting new opportunities or boosting your revenue, my mission is to help you achieve yours through an evidence-based business strategy delivered through strategic communications.

My four-step process is This a combination of strategic communications, digital strategy and business strategy.

My approach to strategic communications — online and offline

Know yourself
Explore and define your brand and your offerings to the market.

Understand the market
Research the landscape to understand how to play to your audience.

Craft content strategy
Align messaging with an engagement path that drive awareness and revenue.

Put tactics in motion
Come from a place of service, using all tools in the shed (social is just one!).

I’ve developed a successful approach that works across all sectors and for all size organisations. It defining your proposition, understanding your audience and the market landscape, crafting content strategy, and executing winning tactics. This approach applies to all my projects, like the holistic healer who wanted to amplify her business to a global audience (she did!); the Chief Marketing Officer of a publicly-listed company who wanted to position herself for opportunities and land Board of Director roles (she did!); the environmental law firm partner who wanted to engage in the international conversation and cultivate the next generation of lawyers (he is!); the cyber risk management leader who wanted to exponentially grow his network to land advisory gigs (he did!); and the therapist who wanted to refresh her brand and grow her practice (she is!). Other projects include creating a revenue-driving content strategy for a public institution, doing audience research to inform new product development for a business-to-business publisher, and producing a research-based brief for a new positioning within the industry for two trade retail groups that were merging.

My offerings

When you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and learn the theory and do the work, my live coaching-style course guides you to gain the know-how and confidence to take your venture to the next level. The next group course runs in September, and scheduling is by consensus.

For a quick, affordable strategy refresh, book my Strategy Power Hour. When you need me to do the “heavy lifting” on a project, just outline the brief, the timeline and your budget, and I will deliver a strategy with a step-by-step roadmap. I am proud to scale my work to any budget. See details.

I love speaking at conferences, moderating panel discussions, guesting on podcasts, conducting interactive workshops, and penning articles. Recent gigs were on the mind-body-spirit movement, digital transformation, and innovation. Let’s chat to find out how I can support your venture.

For the wellness industry


Mindstream is on a mission to connect people with authentic mind-body-spirit experiences toward greater health and happiness. We’ve got some opportunities (free and paid) for both wellness enthusiasts and those who work in the realm of health, wellness and spiritual and personal development. Check out the full range here, which includes business boosters of podcast advertising spots, Strategy Power Hour and my live Business Strategy Course.

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