My strategic communications and digital strategy work stretches across the following projects.

Mindstream, part of Mindstream Ventures Ltd.

I’m on a mission to accelerate the mind-body-spirit movement for greater health and happiness. As editor of and host of 5-star rated The Mindstream Podcast, this media start-up aims to become the “TripAdvisor for holistic wellness.” Unique content and exclusive interactive tools (in development) will make it easy to discover and adopt the right disciplines for each person. We serve seekers, healers and those who are “just curious.” For consumers, we’re making it easy to discover and adopt mind-body-spirit disciplines that match their needs, preferences and beliefs. For professional practitioners, we’re helping them connect with their ideal clients and cultivate business opportunities through tools and training. The mind-body-spirit movement is an exponentially growing (yet fragmented) sector within wellness, personal development and spirituality. Mindstream will simplify the landscape and make it accessible and successful for everyone. I hold full membership in The Guild of Health Writers.

I’m grateful and proud to have the support of Interface and an innovation grant from the Scottish Funding Council to partner with computing, data science and mathematics geniuses Dr. Alexander Brownlee and Dr. Jason Adair at the University of Stirling for a research project. We’re creating proofs-of-concept for interactive tools to educate the public about mind-body-spirit healing modalities and help them choose which ones best suit their needs, preferences and beliefs. The project includes participation of two leading holistic wellness organisations in the UK. Testing of the tools commences in May 2021. Join the test panel, if you are a consumer or professional practitioner of complementary and alternative therapies, natural health and spiritual growth practices.

Media Moxie

Media Moxie is the umbrella of my strategic communications and digital strategy consultancy outside of the wellness sphere, offering business leaders and their teams coaching and consulting ranging from content and digital product development to coaching for authentic thought leadership. I founded Media Moxie in 2000 in New York City, and I continue to work with international clients from my base now in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland.

Friends of the NHS Centre for Integrative Care

I’m excited to lend my experience and passion to work on a volunteer basis as Vice-Chair of Friends of the Centre for Integrative Care. The Glasgow facility is the UK’s only NHS service offering person-centred holistic care, which uses evidence based-complementary and alternative therapies to help relieve peoples’ symptoms and improve their wellbeing. Never before has the need been greater for people to be cared for in a humane way and holistic context. The NHS Centre — a service specialising in complex, multifactorial and chronic conditions that often go un- or mis-diagnosed for years — has excellent patient-reported outcomes. Patient surveys show that most reduce or stop their pharmaceutical prescriptions, reduce or stop visiting their GPs, learn how to self-manage their conditions, and experience greater wellbeing after their care experience with the NHS Centre. Anyone who believes in Integrative Medicine, which is based on a mind-body-spirit approach, can support Friends via donation and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking & Writing

I love to write and talk about life experience, personal and societal transformation, mind-body-spirit wellness, science and spirituality, and all things digital, entrepreneurship, publishing, social media, and communications. My personal and professional writing is very much about the innate power for good that each of us has. I’ve got two non-fiction books in the works: One is a memoir with actionable lessons, like my writing on my personal blog JustAMoment, and the other is a business book. I welcome opportunities to participate in events, such as running interactive workshops, speaking at conferences or on podcasts, and writing for publication.